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Dr. Sujal Patil Torgal  

Dr. Sujal Patil Torgal

A graduate in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery from the Goa University; She is a recipient of the Ayurvisharad award, given by the Himalaya drug company. She is pursuing Diploma in Ayurvedic cardiology and Panchkarma from Pune University.

Her previous assignments include Ayurveda Natural Health Centre at Saligao, Nisarga Ayurvedic clinic Margao, Prior to joining Traya, Dr. Sujal was working as Ayurveda consultant for Acron Hospitality group.

She has participated in various state and interstate level medical seminars and conferences. Strongly believes in the principles of Ayurveda and believes it has a higher purpose to serve in today’s era than just to cure bodily ailments.

Aysha Sharma  

Aysha Sharma - Therapist Trainer

Aysha has been involved in training and therapies, she believes in the principle ‘To grow and let grow’.

Her quest to understand the human mind, “why people behave the way they behave” led her on this amazing journey that she started 9 years back and in the course of time discovered and stumbled upon some amazing outcomes of human mind.

A Post graduate in Psychotherapy and Counseling, and Mind coach, internationally certified in Internal Eye Movement Therapy, personally trained under Mr. Andrew Austin founder of IEMT, Ms Kamal Sethna in learning Crystal Therapy, in the process has evolved at every stage and has taken every experience as a learning to her growth.

Her ability to connect easily to people, provide them the environment to rediscover themselves make her sessions fun, inspiring and introspecting.

She strongly believes that every individual on this earth is born to be happy, provided one wants to be happy, and the desire to heal is in the hands of each person. The choice is yours….

She enjoys reading and writing and through her vast experience would like to enhance better understanding and evolving in all spheres of life to contribute positively to people and help them rediscover 'self '.

Darpan Kaur  

Darpan Kaur

Darpan Kaur is a Alternative Healer and Spiritual Practitioner. She is a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master & Teacher, Bars Practitioner and Certified Angel Card Reader. Darpan combines the various practices and modalities to ease the mind, body and soul. She believes we can choose to heal ourselves at any given point in time.

Liza Cherian  

Liza Cherian

Liza is an accomplished designer and artist. She decided to pursue reflexology meaningfully, and trained with leading Indian reflexologist, Namita Unnikrishnan.
She has managed conditions ranging from bronchial allergies to, migraine; mental stress to pain management.

Sonal Kanwar  

Sonal Kanwar

She has learnt yoga from the best – graduation in Yoga Sciences from Mumbai, post-graduation from Svyasa College (Bengaluru).
She honed her skills further with a certification from ‘Yoga Vidya Dham’ (Nashik), and attended workshops at the iconic Bihar School of Yoga in Munger.
She has an international certification from CIAY, the Council of International Accreditation in Yoga (Maryland). And a lot more! If you haven’t attended her meditation session using Tibetan Singing Bowls, you are missing out on something.

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